Installation of technical equipment and metal structures

Group of Companie “SATER” consist of 2 enterprises which are specialized to installation of equipment and metal construction of food (sugar, oil and fat), wood industries including energy and metallurgy. Execution of works is preceded by compulsory engineering preparation, development of projects of production of assembly works and technological processes.

Here is a list of complete works of GC “SATER”

  • Installation of technical equipment;

  • Installation of bearing and enclosing structures;

  • Installationof steam and water heating boilers (pipe parts and elements);

  • Installation of turbine set and generators with the capacity till 25 MW;

  • Installation of the steam and hot wate pipelines;

  • Installation of the technical pipelines;

  • Installation of vessels and tanks;

  • Facing and lining works with installation of the termal insulation;

The staff consist of the workers of following professions:

Certifiet electric welders.

 Installer of :

  • Technical equipment;

  • technical pipelines;

  • boiler equipment;

  • power and enclosing metal structures;

  • strappers;

  • gas cutters;

  • turbine operators;

Linear IHP, which carry out the installation work management, and the working staff who perform various installation equipment, perform periodic work attestation, as well as test knowledge of TV rules while observing the installation work.
Nowadays there are about 300 installers in the staff of the enterprises. With such a highly qualified staff, as well as using our hoisting machines and mechanisms, modern welding equipment, rigging, and assembly tools, our company can solve the problem of any level of complexity.