LLC "Food company "Zoria Podillia" Installation of the pulp drying line №2, installation works on the dry pulp granulation line №1,2



Installation of the pulp drying line №2

  1. Gas burner revision and repair;

  2. Mixing chamber production according to the project;

  3. Production and installation of the mixing chamber with the download tray;

  4. Installation and centering of the drum;

  5. Repair, installation and painting of the unload chamber complete set, including white wheel and chamber casing;

  6. Smoke extractor installation;

  7. Production and installation of gas ducts from the unload chamber to the smoke extractor, from the smoke extractor to the cyclones, from the cyclones to the tube;

Cyclones installation.

Installation works on the dry pulp granulation line №1,2

  1. Granulator installation;

  2. Faucet auger installation;

  3. Dispenser auger installation;

  4. Cooling column installation;

  5. Scraper conveyor installation;

  6. Granular pulp noria  installation;

  7. Granular pulp sifter installation;

  8. Air cooling cyclone installation;

  9. Cyclone rotary valve installation and self-flowing dust to the dust noria production and installation;

  10. Fan installation, air outlet ducts outward production and installation.


Customer: LLC «Food company «Zoria Podillia» (OJSC «Haisyn sugar plant», Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Date: 2020


Work performed: main contractor