Through the use of advanced 3D engineering calculations, the use of advanced equipment and software, our units are able to perform design work of any complexity.


In the field of niomass energy:

  • Execution of works in the field of development and installation of boiler units of steam production 8, 10, 12, 16, and 25 t / steam per hours with P = 1.3-3.9 MPa and T = 225-380 ° C for the needs of the oil and fat industry work on different types of biomass ( sunflower husk);

  • Development and implementation of pneumatic transportation system (sunflower husk);

  • Development and implementation of flue gas cleaning system for boiler unit;

  • Development and implementation of cogeneration system of induatrial TPP with installation of boiler units operating on the sunflower husk with the use of steam for technological needs and production of electronical energy by a pressure turbine.

In a field of a food (sugar, oil and fat, processing) industry

  • Design and construction work on the reconstruction of boilers of SCR 10/13 with increasing of steam capacity up to 14; 16; 20 tons of steam per hour.

  • Operating of project and construction documentation for industrial objects;

  • Construction and PPP organization

Operating of technological process for installation and welding